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Rare Earth Liquid Line Separator

Rare Earth Liquid Line Separator

SHREENATH 'T-Trap Magnetic' Separators are designed for heavy duty large volume liquid and semi-liquid line flow system.

The T - Trap employs a slip in cage of stainless steel permanent m magnet tubes. The function of the magnet tubes is such that the captured tramp metal particles migrate to the rear of the tubes where they remain protected from wash-off until the tubes are cleaned.

The magnet cage has positioning lugs that mate with locating recesses in the body of the tramp. Having a top access bolt on steel plate and seal, the T-Tramp is easy to clean. With the top removed the magnet cage is simply lifted out, Wiped clean and reinstalled.

Available in 7 standard line sizes from 2 to 18 inches in diameter, T-Traps can also be produced to meet special applications.