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Multi-Deck Vibrating Screens

Multi-Dack Vibrating Screens

For Faster More Accurate Sizing, Splitting or Correcting. Designed for use in the sizing of Minerals, Ceramics, Refractories and other powders. The principle on which the SHREENATH Multi form Grader Operates is equally adaptable for the handling of many ceramic products. Then unit is more than "Just a screen". It is a precision tool for producing accurate grades, not merely rough groupings of sizes. It is economical of powder and space; screen life is long; upkeep low. Flexible in its adaptability to widely different materials and conditions. It is unyielding in the uniformity of grades produced. Available in desired for dust-proof operation.

SPECIFICATION : (Model Illustrated)

L = 2150 mm W = 1050 mm H = 2100 mm

Size of Screen Surface : 1800mm x 810mm Standard Equipments includes Feed Hopper, drive Mechanism and Motor