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High Intensity Over Band Magnetic Separator
High Intensity Over Band Magnetic Separator
Suspended Permanent Magnetic Overband Separators are designed to eliminate tramp metal from the product carried by belt, vibratory feeders or inclined planes.Over bands are mainly used to protect Machine such as Crushers, Shredders and others, to remove ferrous particles and purify products ( Industries like Foundries, Coal Mines, Cement Works, Food, Sponge Iron, Char coal, Glass, Chemical Industries and Domestic waste recycling Plants.)The permanent Magnetic Overband Separators are used when an automatic Removal of ferrous contamination is necessary. If not, fixed Permanent Suspension Magnets are more suitable.
Five type of Separators Re designed to operate at  a predetermined working gap over the conveyor : 100, 150, 200, 250 and 300mm.
Idler and drive drums will be rolled steel construction fitted with high tensiled steel shafts and mounted in self lubricated dust sealed plumber blocks. Adjuster screws would be fitted to provide tensioning take up on idler drums.
Two U-section pieces are fixed on the Magnet by Fastening ears and are supporting bearings of Drums. Drums are equipped with shafts mounted on removable hubs. All bearings equipped with stakes for tightening the belt.
The belt is driven by a Reduction Gear Coupled to Electric Motor / Geared Motor by Vee- belts.
Magnet Unit:
The Magnet is made of High Intensity Stroncium Ferrite Magnets and is guaranteed for the Magnetic Power through out the life of installation. A Non - Magnetic Stainless steel Plate is provided to cover the poles of Magnet. There is no need for any electrical supply or maintenance.

These units can be installed either inline over the terminal head pulley (Fig - 1. ), or transversal to the conveyor (Fig - 2). In both cases, it is necessary to foresee Non- Magnetic products under the Magnetic Field.
The most effective position is inline (Fig - 1) over the head pulley. The material being conveyed is in virtual Suspension and Tramp Iron is therefore more readily extracted.
Very good results are obtained by combining a Permanent Magnetic Overband with Permanent Magnetic Pulley at discharge end.

High Intensity Over Band Magnetic Separator(Fig -1) High Intensity Over Band Magnetic Separator(Fig -2)